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Inductor Solutions for Communication Applications

Gowanda's flying lead and SMT broadband inductors offer predictable frequency response and repeatable performance from 40 MHz to 40 GHz and higher.These conical inductors were specifically designed for high frequency applications where ultra-low insertion loss is a design requirement.The unique construction and proprietary design utilized in these broadband inductors helps to limit the effects caused by stray capacitance.Gowanda maintains a leadership role in custom build-to-print conical solutions to address specific customer requirements that cannot be met by off-the-shelf products.

Broadband Conical Inductors


Surface Mount Flying Lead Custom

Two physical sizes to choose from.The C100SM series offers designers a right or left mounting configuration to help address EMI concerns.

Seven physical size configurations are available based on specific electrical requirements for these thru-hole designs.

Gowanda offers design services to address specific performance needs when an application requires inductance or current not available from standard conical series.

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Broadband Conical Performance

  • S21 Insertion Loss graphs available
  • S12 Return graphs available
  • Precision-wound and in-house material optimize performance
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The Ultimate in Design

  • SMT & flying lead configurations
  • Out-gassing qualified to ATSM-595
  • High temperature gold plated magnetic wire
  • Operating temperature from -55°C to +125°C
  • SMT design that offers a rugged two-piece construction for repeatability
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Conicals Designed Your Way

  • Custom design services available if needed
  • In-house molding for unique configurations
  • High wattage solutions available
  • Pb offering upon request
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