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Military, Medical and Communications Applications

Through its strategic partnership with Instec Filters, Gowanda now offers EMI/RFI filters which suppress electromagnetic interference using capacitive and inductive elements.The capacitive elements shunt the interference to ground while the inductive elements raise the impedance of the line.The robust design of the filters enable them to be used in demanding situations and harsh environments, including military, medical and communications applications.

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Solder-In Feedthru's Bolt-Style Resin Sealed Hermetic Bolt-Style Power Filters & Assemblies

These solder-in gold-plated C-filters are designed for space-constrained applications. The feedthru's are built with multilayer ceramic discoidal capacitors for robust performance.Press-fit style also available.

Gowanda bolt-style filters deliver small size and high performance.They feature silver plated cases for high conductivity.The threaded mountings are available in three thread sizes (4-40, 8-32, 12-32).

These robust filters are ideal for harsh environments. They are available in C, L, π, T and T-T formats, with current ratings up to 15 Amps (higher with non-hermetic construction).

Gowanda offers application-specific designs for power filters and filter assemblies (filter plates). The company'ss strengths in vertical integration enable plate design and build as needed.

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Miniature Designs

  • For applications where larger bolt-style simply won't fit
  • Gold plated feedthrough/filters available in solder-in or press-fit styles
  • Feedthru's can be mounted on 0.200 inch (5.1 mm) centers if needed
  • Can also be supplied as pre-assembled filter plates

Hermetic Construction

  • Hermetic construction allows them to function in harsh environments
  • Circuit designs range from basic C-filter configuration to multi-segment configurations such as T-T filter
  • More complex configurations enable steeper frequency cutoffs to be achieved
  • High-temperature versions can operate in down-hole applications

Upscreening & Pb-Solder

  • Gowanda offers EMI filters assembled with HMP solders (unless Pb-Free is specifically requested)
  • These meet the rigors of military, aerospace, and other HIREL applications
  • Upscreening is available to MIL-PRF requirements
  • Gowanda will quote and build to most customer Source Control Drawings